Psycho Moon

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Category: Flip-Boards
Shine: Matte
Color: Multiple


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  • Shipment takes 3 to 10 days EU/International according to our transporter.
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  • Sent in solid 100% recycled Carboard Envelope 32 * 25 cm
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  • France Metro  7 €
  • France Outremer  13 €
  • EU States  13 €
  • Norway, Eastern Europe (non-EU)  20 € 
  • Tunisie, Algérie, Maroc  20 € 
  • USA/Canada/Lat.Am./Russia  28 €


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Some prices may be rounded up by a few cents to make up for packaging/shipping materials/manutention/going to the post office. Thanks for your understanding. 

Available in Multi-Packs:

MultiPacks allow to save on shipping costs and on individual items:

“Modular Boards” are ready for your customisation. They are “modular” mainly because some of them are designed like empty Eurorack cases, and because they are for you to organise. They are also compatible with MidiPoti Stickers. Most stickers are removable (with caution and if not pressed too hard when you sticked them), so the board can change with your needs.

White sticker labels are included with each boards (25 x 10 mm) so you do not have to buy anything to use the board when you receive it, except a pen.


B-Side:  light pink-ish virgin space.



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