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Pre-release blog

27 Sept 2021

I am improvingh the design gain as I noticed on the printed batch that the white labels of blank boards are not well centered under each buttons. Some of them were really off and had to be re-done. So it also has to be re-printed and re-cut. It is not like software that I can correct later, it has to be the best version. The reason is that a not well centered label can get into your workflow, and I try to avoid that. So It will take a bit more time (and sunk costs…).

15 Sept 2021

A few words about my production techniques.


Recto-Verso ? Yes, all boards can be flipped and offer a “printed virgin board”‘ on the B side. That’s why I don’t do blank boards, because all  boards already have  a blank B side for free! The B Side is not “white” but is printed with textures and light colors. It is still quality print with several passes, that make the board thicker, and this avoids to use thicker materials that would be hard to cut. It is also this double-sided print that help the board stay flat.  If you wanna know, MidiPoti boards are hard to cut (230 micron of PET), and blades are dead after cutting a few units.  You can stack 2 or 3 boards max on an xtouch mini (2 board is better, 3 boards is really the maximum, because the xtouch mini buttons are less than 1 mm high and have rounded edges). 

The textured print (generally some greyish metallic texture) is nice for those who will use water-color-pens to customize a board. The texture will still show through your colors, and the results are very nice. I have tried with “Bic Kids” colors, and it seems to work fine contrary to Stabilo Boss Higlighters (which never dries and leaves your fingers yellow-fluo even weeks after). if you are skilled at colors, posca type pens (acrylic) will be your friends, but as it is opaque, printed textures are unlikely to show through. However, you can alternate various type of colors with non-colored part, which might give really fun results with some 3D impression. I expect to set up a facebook or Instagram channel to post your own artistry. “Overlay-art”, the story is about to begin, lol.  


Led Printing ? Led printing is just like laser printing except that it uses leds instead of a  laser to “cook” the ink. The main advantage is that it does not produce ozone like laser printer. I’ve worked in a design studio with a big canon laser printer, and when used intensively, the ozone is really a disconfort, beside the fact that it is not something healthy to breath, nor something great to release in the atmosphere. That’s why I went for led printing.


Mechanical blades ? Yes because laser cutting is dangerous (can burn your retina) and requires water cooling and air filtering, in addition to the production of toxic dioxines when it burns to cut. So I choose mechanical blades, that do not produce dioxine and is not dangerous to operate .  

10 Sept 2021

Completed a few units of the Trilogy Boards, then realized I’ve pushed the design of the “Mini D” a bit too far. I wanted to replicate the colors of the buttons of the MiniMoog, but it does not look good. The asymetry I’ve added looks like a design mistake. I don’t like them anymore (like, 24 hours later, lol). So I have to redo it.

Good news: I will probably sell cheaper  some of those “prototypes” that are also cool but are not the ones that I consider “final” , so they are a good deal !  

6 Sept 2021

Re-designed completely the underlays  potis “cut” to make it more stylish and flush.  I am waiting for “non-holographic” vynil to see how it looks. 
Also, many addition to the existing boards by adding more “pre-printed”  button functions when possible. 

All is becoming better. It’s a lot of work, the result is not cheap, but hopefully brings a lot to all home-studists.

Hi all !

I am working hard to bring my ideas to life.
See you soon !

Mehdi of MidiPoti