Overlays for Midi Controllers

MidiPoti makes overlays and flip boards for Akai Midi Mix, Novation Launch Control XL MK2, Behringer X-Touch mini. 

Be informed when new overlays are available:


What are overlays ? 

  • Overlays are made to control software more efficiently by providing colors and texts so you do not need to remember which potentiometer controls which parameter.
  • Overlays can be dedicated to a plugin such as a fully featured synth editor or to providing small sections to control many plugins and DAW parameters on the fly (most used case), or to  prepare live controls precisely. Overlays are also nice with other software like Adobe Lightroom for photography.
  • You can use a single midi controller template/preset for many functions and situations. Just put the overlay you need and you are all set. 
  • MidiPoti’s overlays are water resistant. They will survive the cofee splash. 
  • You can write on them with Posca (water acrylic) or eraseable pens. Even though it is better to customise your own overlay with your own text, colors and logo (soon).

What is a flip-board compared to an overlay ?

Overlays generally have one useable side, because the controller is not symetric. 

Flip-boards give you 2 overlays in one. You can use both A and B sides. The A-side contains texts and precise designs, while the B-side provides light colors and no text, for your own customization. It is not always possible to make a flip-board because many controllers are not symetrical. However, it is often possible to cut an overlay in 2 parts in order to create a part that is symetric and can be flipped.