Who is MidiPoti ?

MidiPoti is a single man adventure led by Mehdi Touzani in Paris, France. I bought my first DX100 in 1984 (age 14), got into an industrial-goth band. We made an EP in 1988 with a sound engineer who did not know what he was doing (don’t listen to it please) and then we grew up […]

How to store the boards?

A midiPoti Boards for X Touch Mini is approximately 260 x 95 mm (counting the tab’s height  of 5 mm)  . How do you store that so you can always find your boards at the same place  ? A simple business envelope is generally enough to store a large number of boards. It is not […]

How is it made ?

Macro photo of a cut-through a board: Corner of a button: .The print is made of pigments and polymere (ie, toner) which are “cooked” (melted) with a LED printer into a thin paper core. It become like a first coating of thin plastic (5 microns). Eventhough this printing technique is not “industrial” (not “UV printing”), […]

Pre-release blog

This article gathers all post made while the site was under construction I bought my first DX100 in 1984 and also a cheap guitar. I used computers for the first time in 1988 when we recorded our first EP with an Atari and Pro 24 as a midi sequencer. It is only 10 years later […]