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Cameo File| Manual Cut| PDF
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Fun Eurorack Blinders A4


Contains shapes of Eurorack size in 16, 8 and 4 HP,  and 1 U x 24 HP.

To cut manually (*.pdf) or with a Silhouette Cameo (*.studio3 file).

All PDF contain the marks that allow to cut precisely using the provided *studio3 file.

The main interest is the fun design with Eurorack modules at 1/3rd of their size, with graphic effects that makes them stylish and enjoyable to look at, without any risk of “wrong taste”. And they also look good upside down. The design are calibrated to look best on quality laser/led/inkjet printers capable of resolutions of 600 DPI or higher.


Read more in the “Read Me” text file in the zip.

Manual Cut| PDF
X Touch Mini
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Basic Cut Out – X Touch Mini

Free overlay flip-board for Behringer’s X-Touch Mini

This one is for quick and easy manual cutting and mainly consists of straight lines and 2 curves. There is no sophistication in the design, which aims at being simple and easy.

For straight lines, use a cutting mat, a metallic ruler, and a sharp kraft knife.  Please note that the space for encoders could be thinner. Adapt to your taste.

User Guide:
  • The download is a PDF file to print on A4 format. The resolution is 300 DPI.
  • Print on 80/90 grams (more may make it harder to cut).
  • Print parameters: A4 (210*297) , Landscape, Actual pixel (no resize)
  • Set your printer to graphics/pro graphics if possible. “Photo Quality” is not required.


  • For manual cut only.
  • It is better to laminate before cutting. Avoid glossy lamination.
  • White spaces for labels are pre-printed so you do not need to use stickers.
  • Print and cut the outlines of the darker/texted areas.
  • Add a tab if you wish (both shapes have enough space around them to add a short tab.


Hardware Template
X Touch Mini
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Template X Touch Mini

MidiPoti main template for X Touch mini

This Template works for all MidiPoti Synth Collection. Buttons 4 & 5 of each row are “momentary” to be used with presets or program changes. Momentary buttons also work just like “toggle” buttons in many synths, so you generally do not need to change them. Program Changes use ‘Increase / Decrease” function (previous/next preset in relation to the current preset). All Encoders  are set to “Fan” and Push to Toggle.