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Category: Flip-Boards
Shine: Matte
Color: Printed


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This board is for all Arp Odyssey software, and in particular the Korg Legacy version.

The colors respect the colors of the softwares (Korg Legacy, Sonic Core Prodyssey) , with a yellow twist on the cutoff control for higher visibility without the need to read labels.

Odysseya-k is also special as it takes advantage of my actual experience with a software model of the odyssey, my many years as a Billy Currie’s  fan (ultravox/numan synth solos), and it also includes most desired controls to edit presets, with access to most wanted S&H controls.

B-Side: greyish-blueish virgin space. may inclue white space for writing, or not (most recent version don’t have labels on b-side because it is difficult to align with the other side).



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